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Eye Examinations

iSyte Optometrists offers comprehensive vision care and will help you obtain the best from your vision. It is important to have your eyes examined regularly – the sooner eye health problems and vision problems are discovered, the sooner you can be helped. Eye examinations are recommended every 2 years and if you wear contact lenses, every year.

We are qualified and registered to:

  • Examine your eyes for vision disorders
  • Prescribe, supply and repair spectacles
  • Detect and diagnose signs of eye disease
  • Detect and diagnose signs of health disorders involving the eyes
  • Prescribe and supply contact lenses
  • Analyse and treat eye co-ordination disorders
  • Prescribe other specialist optical aids
  • Advise on lighting
  • Conduct Diabetic eye examinations.
  • Undertake Visual Field analysis
  • Co-manage for Refractive Surgery
  • Assess Colour Vision

If an eye disease or general health disorder is detected, you will be referred to an Ophthalmologist or General Medical Practitioner

iSyte Optometrists bulk-bills consultations to Medicare / OSHC*

*Optometrist consultations provided to Australian residents are bulk-billed to Medicare. Optometrist consultations provided to International Students with OSHC WORLDCARE and OSHC MEDIBANK health insurance are directly billed to these health funds

We also provide:

Police Vision Screening

Applying to join the Police Force? iSyte Optometrists can undertake your Police Vision Screening for you. Please bring your glasses or contact lenses. Police Screening cannot be billed to Medicare and costs $25.

Vision Screening for Users of Screen Based Equipment

Screen based vision screenings are also easily arranged. Some organisations allow us to direct bill them and others require that you pay for your screening and then you are reimbursed by your organisation. These screenings cost about $25-$50.

We can also arrange to visit your workplace to perform in-office screenings. Contact us for details.

    As a member of Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) we:
  • Take part in continuing professional development
  • Have access to the latest technology and information from Australia and overseas
  • Agree to abide by the Optometrists Association Australia Code of Ethics – ensuring a responsible and well-disciplined profession
  • Are accountable for the quality of professional services offered

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